Core Business Applications (CBA Live Ver 1.0)

Guideline for Regions
(All the officers at region must read this)

Please read the instructions carefully before proceeding to login. These instructions would be updated regularly so please do read them carefully Make sure that
  • For important reports, please refer to Business Reports on CBA Live page.

  • If officers using CBA are requested to change their respective passwords after first time login; for all activities from a user id, the concerned officer will be solely responsible.

  • The CBA would be available from 8:00AM to 7:00 PM, From Monday to Friday

  • Incase, any new or additional report is required, kindly provide your terms of reference to IT department via e-mail to helpdesk.
For any query please click Helpdesk on Intranet. Your regions' EO/AD (S&C) or Beat Officer should have the user id and password to register any issue or suggestion. If some how you are unable to access Helpdesk, please call 021-34328040


Business Reports:

 Monitoring Reports: 

      Computer On/Off Status
    • Wan Link Accessibility (Region Wise)
    • Wifi Accessibility (Region Wise)
    • Information Processing Status (Role Wise)


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